Oxford County battles bout of cold weather

  Christopher Crosby BRINK— Lillian, poised teetering at the edge of a snow pile. By Christopher Crosby AREA— Like clockwork, winter storms seem to be piling the snow and cold around most parts of Maine. State-wide, the recent bout of heavy snowfall and cold winds have set three-year cold-weather records, with the National Weather Service […]

REAL PEOPLE: Carven memories, painted surfaces


By Christopher Crosby Don Best lives in a world of textures, befitting an artist who in the later half of his life has dedicated his works to carving. Don speaks as though he remembers life’s experiences in great, calm focus, drawing upon colors, grains, shadows and able to articulate their emotional sum as an image, […]

The ‘pitbull’ hangs up his leash; Sincerbeaux to retire


By Christopher Crosby NORWAY— High-fives down the halls, implementing safety protocols after the wake of national school tragedies, energy, humor, calling each of the Guy Rowe Elementary School’s 500 students by name during his 13-year tenure; there were many things Principal George Sincerbeaux will be remembered for. An endless, tireless presence popping in and out […]