The United States can trace many of its ills to a lessening of standards

When Elvis Presley twitched for his audience, J. Edgar Hoover went berserk. When Miley Cyrus tweets about her love for marijuana, social media go ballistic. When Beatlemania struck the United States in the 1960s, parents thought their teenage daughters would eventually come around. Miley mania may not be so kind. The young singer seems bent […]

Personal feelings aside, Paris selectmen were wrong to oust Jamison

Paris Selectboard members cannot be blamed if they don’t send a holiday greeting card to Janet Jamison. They shouldn’t expect to receive one from her, either. Happy Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow, isn’t likely to be on any of their minds either when it comes to addressing their major critic. The Selectmen are being blamed, however, […]

Nelson Mandela clearly is one of the greatest world figures of all time

“He’s the most beloved man in the world.” Charlayne Hunter-Gault, esteemed award winning journalist and NBC News Special Correspondent. “It’s shocking how little American leaders of both parties did to oppose the rise and consolidation of the brutal apartheid regime in the ‘50s and ’60s, but it was Richard Nixon who developed closer ties. The […]

Charter schools in Maine are like the sharks sizing up their prey

Rick Colpitts, superintendent of the Oxford Hills Comprehensive School District – also known as SAD 17 – is like most educators when it comes to what he does. Committed. Dedicated. Smart. Visionary. Results oriented. But Colpitts is also a realist. He recognizes that a more connected world – a digitally engaged one – presents challenges […]

Imagine a New Year’s resolution that makes a difference

In the popular original television series and later the big screen hits, Captain Kirk from Star Trek had a knack for being able to swing around a moon or two, go back in time, and alter the consequences of a previous action. He did it in “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home,” where he and […]