A peek into this week – April 10, 2014


Spring seems to have finally come to terms with weather and the string – comparatively – of balmy days has waters moving and rivers rising. Watch out for flooding, and the accompanying smorgasbord of potholes, frost heaves, and mud – oh my!

While rivers and streams may be spilling beyond their confines, the Maine DEP says cleanup of oil in Hebron is right on track for spring. The plan is hatched; for now, we wait.

The sound of water wasn’t the only splash in the headlines this week: Money flooded our front page as the first phase of budget season kicks off. Norway’s asking taxpayers for $4.4 million to cover costs, the school district $37.65 million to expand, and Oxford has put in a request for $24 million to provide residents with a sewer. All that money has us thinking of another spring tradition: ogling at the contracts of major league baseball players.

Once upon a time (just last year) racing fans wishing to imbibe in a beer could only do from a distance; removed from the comfort of their seats (metal bleachers) in a special roped off section – a pen – that tyranny is over; with the town’s blessing, the Oxford Plains Speedway will now allow fans the option of purchasing beer and return to their seats in the grandstands.

We quiz residents whether college athletes should be paid, revel in mud, and talk to a quiet mailman about his time in Brazil.

All this and more in this week’s edition of The Advertiser Democrat.