Advertiser Democrat looking for freelance writer


An opportunity has opened up at the Advertiser Democrat for a freelance writer for two of the columns in our weekly paper. Both segments are great opportunities to become involved with members of the Oxford Hills community and gain a first-hand experience with community journalism.

The first segment of the paper would be Person on the Street. The individual interested would need to dedicate as much time as it takes to talk to ten people every week before Tuesday morning, asking them a weekly question that would be assigned by the Advertiser Democrat staff. After gaining each person’s response, a photo needs to be taken of the individual, and they must be willing to get the individual’s first and last name, as well as what town they are from. They do not have to be strictly from Western Maine. This is a paid segment.

The second segment of the paper would be the Real People column. In this column, the writer would be given a sheet of nearly 25 questions every week that they would ask one individual that they deem unique in the Western Maine area. After the interview, a photo needs to be taken of the individual to go along with the interview. This would need to be given to the Advertiser Democrat staff every Friday afternoon, either electronically or handwritten in neat penmanship. This is also a paid segment.

The Advertiser Democrat is looking for a dedicated individual who will be able to meet each deadline each week.

Anyone interested in taking over one or both of these segments can call the Advertiser Democrat staff at 743-7011 or email us at