Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month fight for your love

Valentine’s Day has passed. For some, it’s a relief. For the singles in the world, it’s a day to be reminded of the lack of a significant other, during which many of those singles buy themselves roses, chocolates, or both. Then maybe they’ll spend the evening wearing the biggest and coziest pair of sweat pants […]

Can this winter just be over, already?

What is it with Maine and it’s brutal winters? As the most North-Eastern state in the country, we’ve been getting pounded by wintry mixes of snow, sleet, rain and ice all winter. And not to burst your bubble, but we’ve still got about another month of this. The groundhog had to see his shadow and […]

We’ve been spoiled by their success

There is no greater feeling than that of a small town when one of its sports teams achieves great things. We’ve grown accustomed this year to the girls and boys basketball teams from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School having a great year. Both squads have demonstrated an uncanny knack for doing what it takes to […]

We have a couple of pretty good basketball teams in Oxford County

This past Thursday, the night before the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School boys and girls basketball teams made their trip to the Maine High School basketball tournament in Augusta, several parents of the players organized a pizza party at Ari’s on Main Street in downtown Norway to wish the players good luck. They called it […]

Could bad blood and personal vendettas keep Paris from progress?

When you hear the name Janet Jamison, a few things could run through your mind. Similar to Norway resident Andrea Burns, and Otisfield resident Lee Dassler, she’s somewhat of a small town celebrity with all of the headlines she’s made. Not to mention the feathers she’s ruffled, but we’ll talk about that later. To some, […]

A proposed business next to McLaughlin Gardens raises concerns

The drive down Route 117 south heading toward South Paris from Buckfield is vintage Maine. The landscape is spliced by rolling hills with older houses and quaint farms, white picket fences and an occasional lawn ornament, all neatly nestled along the Western Foothills along this part of Oxford County. It is a picturesque experience, the […]

Katrina: Eight years ago today, Americans couldn’t believe it

Mainers, as did most decent Americans, sat in disbelief on Aug. 29, 2005. As they watched news reports of American citizens dying before their eyes on national television, a colletive gasp circulated throughout the United States. We all watched as thousands of New Orleanians found themselves marooned on individual islands of isolation. They were on […]

Sometimes we have to do more than smell the coffee

It’s an old axiom that life often imitates art. In recent weeks, some things have become all too self evident of that notion. It appears that the inner sanctums of the unfairness of life are alive and well, both in film and in the real world. Take the case of David Marsters, the man from […]

Try the train, enjoy the fair, walk the bridge

All aboard! The sound of the conductor barking boarding orders could soon be a reality in Western Maine if plans to bring passenger rail service back to the area are successful. This past week, representatives from the Androscoggin, Oxford and Coos Counties Corridor Committee met in South Paris to unveil plans for the Golden Eagle […]

Driving doesn’t have to be such a burden

An automobile in Maine is pretty much a prerequisite to life here. People can walk from Norway to Paris or Paris to Oxford. After that, things can get tricky, or, at the least, a little more far out. Which makes the driving experience here even more intriguing. In recent weeks, various towns have had to […]