Bail set at $10K for habitual OUI offender in Paris


By Scott Thistle

PARIS — A judge set bail at $10,000 cash Monday for a Paris man who is facing his tenth charge of operating a vehicle under the influence.

Andrew Bean, 51, of 292 Christian Ridge Road, has been arrested twice on OUI charges since Nov. 21, the second arrest coming just days after an Oxford County Grand Jury issued an indictment charging Bean with felony OUI, being a felon in possession of a firearm and fraudulently obtaining a Maine firearms hunting license.

Bean was arrested Sunday night by Paris police officer William Cook.

Cook also charged Bean with violating his conditions of release and illegally attaching license plates to the vehicle he was driving.

Bean had previously been arrested by the Maine Warden Service on Nov. 21 as wardens were investigating trespass complaints in the vicinity of Christian Ridge and Stock Farm roads in Paris.

Following that arrest, the Warden Service again arrested Bean four days later, on Nov. 25, charging him with being in violation of condition of release after he was found at his home under the influence of alcohol and in possession of alcohol, according to a report filed by Warden Josh Smith.

Oxford County Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne told Justice Lance Walker that during the Nov. 21 OUI charge, Bean’s blood alcohol content was recorded at .21, and during the bail check four days later, it was recorded at .32. Beauschene said on Sunday that the breath test administered to Bean showed his blood alcohol content to be .29. Under Maine law, a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher is deemed to be under the influence.

During the Nov. 21 arrest, the wardens found Andrew Bean was also in possession of a 12-gauge shotgun and had illegally obtained a Maine resident hunting license, according to Smith’s report.

On Monday, Oxford County District Court Justice Lance Walker agreed to a request by the state’s prosecutor, Assistant District Attorney Richard Beauchesne, to increase Andrew Bean’s bail to $10,000 cash.

Walker also denied a request by the state’s defense attorney of the day that Bean be evaluated by a substance abuse specialist and possibly be allowed to participate in an intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment program.

Walker agreed Bean could be admitted to an in-patient treatment program provided he qualified and entered into a supervised and secure inpatient program, or what’s known as a bed-to-bed transfer program. He would not be released from custody prior to trial under that scenario.

The defense attorney of the day also argued that the $10,000 bail for Bean was too high and suggested it be reduced to $1,000 cash, but Walker rejected that proposal as well. Beauchesne also argued against it.

“Your honor, a few OUIs ago, that might have been a wise course,” Beauchesne said to Walker. “But the state really feels that the protection of the public is paramount in this case here, and we would object to and not sign off on that.”

A review of Andrew Bean’s criminal record by the Sun Journal also revealed he was previously sentenced to a two-year prison sentence following convictions for operating under the influence and operating after his license was suspended.

If Bean is able to post the cash bail, his conditions of release also require him not to use or possess drugs or alcohol or operate a motor vehicle.

Beauchesne said the state would agree to an evaluation for Bean and his possible enrollment in a bed-to-bed treatment program for substance abuse.

Andrew Bean also entered “not guilty” pleas on the three felony charges he was indicted on by the Oxford County Grand Jury last Friday. A trial date for those charges has not yet been set.

Walker also appointed Paul Corey to serve as Bean’s state-appointed defense attorney, but Corey had yet to receive details on the case when contacted for comment on Monday.

Andrew Bean remained in custody at the Oxford County jail as of Monday evening.