Can this winter just be over, already?


What is it with Maine and it’s brutal winters? As the most North-Eastern state in the country, we’ve been getting pounded by wintry mixes of snow, sleet, rain and ice all winter. And not to burst your bubble, but we’ve still got about another month of this.

The groundhog had to see his shadow and curse us with more cold and snow.

According to weather stations, the final month of February will be the worst stretch of winter. So why us, you ask? As a rebuttal, I’d ask you to think of what Alaska may be doing right now. They’re probably in the dark with their lightless days and cold nights. At least we’re not in their sphere. Still, this cold weather really bites.

Towns have really been affected by the snow and ice, running out of sand and salt to keep roads and sidewalks safe. Many towns have had to take drastic measures and schedule special town meetings for residents to vote on the purchase of an extended amount of sand. Everyone is saying that this winter is unusual for Maine.

That’s the understatement of the century.

Let’s look back on December: for the rest of the country, the last two weeks of December were focused on wrapping up Christmas shopping, having parties with families and watching Christmas movies. But in Maine, we went through up to two weeks of no power, dangerous roads, and trees and everything else covered in thick ice. It was the ice storm of ’98 all over again. Many families had to postpone Christmas dinner because there was no electricity to cook. People were stuck in their driveways because the roads were all one big sheet of ice. It was brutal. Maybe this is a good time to think about the spring and summer that should be arriving in three months … and yes three months does seem like a long time. But we’re hoping that with the awful winter we’ve been dealt this year, that Mother Nature will see pity on us and grant us long, warm and sunny spring and summer seasons.

In a recent Person on the Street question, this newspaper asked individuals what they are most looking forward to with the upcoming spring. Many of them answered that they dreamed of tending to their gardens, watching the snow melt (we empathize with you there) and finally being able to wear T-shirts and shorts. We say, ‘More green, less white.’

Maybe if we wish really hard on every shooting star we see, and cross our fingers and toes, maybe Mother Nature will show us mercy and end this cold winter early.

Hey, we can dream, can’t we?