Paris wants to get business friendly

PARIS — The town wants to join other municipalities across the state and be “open for business” as part of the ongoing effort to help revitalize Paris. Selectmen are expected to form a committee at their next meeting to earn Paris the designation as a Business Friendly Community, which is a program run through the state’s […]

Paris budget talks start, slowly

PARIS — Selectmen Vice Chair Mike Risica wants to get the budget cuts ball rolling but. right now, his colleagues won’t give it a kick. At last week’s meeting, selectmen decided to host a joint workshop with the Budget Committee to keep the momentum going surrounding budget discussions. Risica moved to close the Town Office one […]

Paris designated third worst town in Maine

Paris was rated the third worst place to live in Maine by Town officials disagree, but others don't and want to make it a better place to live and work.

PARIS — Could Paris really be the third worst place to live in Maine? It is according to the “infotainment” website, While town officials have offered tongue-in-cheek responses — which they say is how the designation should be taken — others have taken it to heart and want to make the town a better place to live […]

Norway resident Jordan Kaulback takes his music from Maine and brings it back

Norway musician Jordan Kaulback hit the road last week to play some gigs across the country before returning to Maine next week to open up for Max Creek at the Green Love Festival in Starks.

NORWAY — A small musical group from Norway decided to go on the road again, this time heading clear across country for two weeks to play some gigs before returning to Maine to open for the headliner at a local festival next week. Twenty-five-year-old Jordan Kaulback embarked on his longest journey to date with his sister, […]

Paris property abatements cause tax hike

PARIS — Because so many residents asked assessors to lower their recently hiked property values coupled with a school district budget spike, the mill rate will increase by 40-cents per $1,000 instead of remaining flat, Interim Town Manager Michael Madden confirmed Monday. There were at least 300 abatement hearings after the new values and proposed […]

Harrison Agricultural Committee wants to grow food for all

HARRISON — When Connie Allen joined the recently formed Agricultural Committee, she envisioned neighborhood gardens dotting the landscape and homes of the 2,700 residents in town. That vision that can come to fruition if that’s what the rest of the group decides to do. The committee met Tuesday morning at the Harrison Fire Station to […]

Paris residents want reassessments reassessed

Jennifer McMahon, owner of Riverside Lodge at 20 Paris Hill Road, is fighting the reevaluation of her business, as her property value and taxes jumped significantly after purchasing the sauna in February.

PARIS — One resident, who saw her property value and taxes almost double during the town’s reevaluation process, is calling on others to express their concern at Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Town officials, however, are advising those with grievances to make appointments for hearings with assessors from the company in charge of the process. […]

Paris jeweler recreates historic Maine brooch

Benjamin Shaub photo 

The original George Howe amethyst brooch is seen before it was lost in Boston in 1957.

PARIS — What was lost hasn’t necessarily been found but recreated in its all its dazzling purple, white and gold glory. The noted Howe amethyst brooch has risen from the proverbial ashes of Maine’s mines and has been brought back to life by a local artist. For the past five years, jeweler and mineral collector Dennis […]