Buckfield students get musical with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ this weekend

Maurice, played by Buckfield High School freshman Andrew Warren, speaks to his daughter, Belle, portrayed by sophomore Laney Randolf, during last week's partial dress rehearsal for the upcoming production of "Beauty and the Beast," set for the first two weekends in April.

BUCKFIELD — Roughly 40 students crowd around elongated clothing racks, searching for their outfits, as one high schooler walks by, carrying his shirt and proclaiming in a British accent, “I need pantaloons.” It’s a normal Friday afternoon in the Buckfield High School cafeteria, where the cast ranging from first through 12th grade is gathered for a […]

Paris Revitalization Committee wants input Wednesday, April 1

PARIS — Following approval of the Strategic Plan for Market Square by the Paris Selectboard, the Paris Revitalization Committee has met to begin to prioritize the many projects in the plan for implementation. Committee members are exploring funding opportunities to build a boat launch on the Little Androscoggin River at 1 Paris Hill and the […]

Plans in the works to revitalize Paris

PARIS — The ad hoc Paris Revitalization Committee wants to keep the momentum going with the town’s recently adopted Strategic Plan and asked town officials last week which projects the town would take on and which the committee and volunteers should tackle. A handful of business owners and committee members attended the selectmen’s meeting on Monday, March […]

Ayuh, it’s spring and snow be darned, Mainers are plantin’

Alan Day Community Garden Coordinator Rocky Crockett looks for the best to plant the kale he started from seeds in his outdoor greenhouse at his South Paris home last week.

It’s not easy being green in Central and Western Maine. After months of being buried under several feet of snow, seeds aren’t ready to start sprouting anytime soon. But home gardeners can give nature a boost and get ahead of the state’s short growing season by starting seedlings indoors. Rocky Crockett, Norway’s Alan Day Community […]

Bobcats stalk birdfeeders for prey in Norway

Thelma Denlinger photo

Norway resident Thelma Denlinger was able to snap this up close and personal photo of a male bobcat when he came up on her back porch recently.

NORWAY — For the past two weeks, it’s been the same routine almost every day. A brown and black spotted ball of fur sits patiently in the shadows of the trees, with his small black ear tuffs pointing straight up, as his hazel eyes intently watch the active bird feeders in John McCormack’s snow-covered back yard. […]

Searching for a stream of gold: Proposed regulations would close some Maine waterways to motorized mining

Mark Folk photo 
Phillip Moulton and Harry Blake, members of the Central Maine Gold Prospectors, search for gold. Proposed regulations would not allow for motorized prospecting equipment in certain waterways in the state.

Some recreational gold prospectors aren’t shouting “eureka” at Maine’s Land Use Planning Commission’s proposed changes that would close off certain bodies of water to motorized equipment used in mining the mineral. The commission voted at its Jan. 14 meeting to post the proposed Chapter 10 revisions to the National Recreation and Park Association’s Consistency and […]