Additional $24 million needed for Oxford sewer project


OXFORD — A pending application for nearly $24 million in federal funding will determine whether the town expands sewer system construction into residential areas. In an application sent to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Office last week, the town is seeking $23,890,000 in funding to lay sewer pipes into rural areas. The […]

Students flock for funds

A flock of plastic flamingos popped up on the lawn of Signature Salon in Norway, just one of many surprise recipients targeted by the well-intentioned prank. The prank is a fundraiser for high school marketing students, and for a fee, residents pick the birds' next spot.

  By Christopher Crosby OXFORD HILLS — It happens with disturbing ease. With just a phone call or an email, money exchanges hands and unexpectedly they appear. Their cold, blank eyes gaze remorselessly about, and the only explanation that something larger, and more devious is afoot is a brief note encouraging victims to help them […]

Anonymous tip service to halt underage drinking

Months ago, an anonymous tip texting system was created through a grant provided to the Oxford County Sherriff’s Office, and since it’s creation it hasn’t gained much attention. Although there has only been one tip sent to the sheriff’s office since it’s creation, local community coordinators are pushing for it’s popularity to spread through Oxford […]