Gov. LePage takes center stage in ‘craziest politicians’ book

Norm Chung's caricature of Gov. Paul LePage illustrates one of the governor's crazy moments chronicled in Brian O'Connell's book, "The Fat Boy with the Bomb and 299 more of the world's craziest politicians."

By Ann Wood What do Gov. Paul LePage, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have in common? They are among the politicians journalist-author Brian O’Connell considers “downright dangerous leaders, as well as just plain stupid lawmakers from around the world,” and are featured in his new book, “The Fat Boy with […]

Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month fight for your love

Valentine’s Day has passed. For some, it’s a relief. For the singles in the world, it’s a day to be reminded of the lack of a significant other, during which many of those singles buy themselves roses, chocolates, or both. Then maybe they’ll spend the evening wearing the biggest and coziest pair of sweat pants […]

Can this winter just be over, already?

What is it with Maine and it’s brutal winters? As the most North-Eastern state in the country, we’ve been getting pounded by wintry mixes of snow, sleet, rain and ice all winter. And not to burst your bubble, but we’ve still got about another month of this. The groundhog had to see his shadow and […]

We’ve been spoiled by their success

There is no greater feeling than that of a small town when one of its sports teams achieves great things. We’ve grown accustomed this year to the girls and boys basketball teams from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School having a great year. Both squads have demonstrated an uncanny knack for doing what it takes to […]

We have a couple of pretty good basketball teams in Oxford County

This past Thursday, the night before the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School boys and girls basketball teams made their trip to the Maine High School basketball tournament in Augusta, several parents of the players organized a pizza party at Ari’s on Main Street in downtown Norway to wish the players good luck. They called it […]

Could bad blood and personal vendettas keep Paris from progress?

When you hear the name Janet Jamison, a few things could run through your mind. Similar to Norway resident Andrea Burns, and Otisfield resident Lee Dassler, she’s somewhat of a small town celebrity with all of the headlines she’s made. Not to mention the feathers she’s ruffled, but we’ll talk about that later. To some, […]

A peek into this week – Feb. 13, 2014

There’s likely a long list of people who wish the nor’easter could be pushed ahead into the far future: sports teams, commuters, exhaust highway crews and their budget-strapped towns. On a much smaller list though, are people who’d hoped for it to come summer. Our top contender ? The eight suspects across Oxford County arrested […]

Be vigilant toward our precious wetlands

Western Maine dodged a bullet this past Christmas Eve, at the very height of the holidays when most Mainers were distracted and the last thing people were thinking about was an environmental disturbance in their backyard. Based on initial findings, it may be Spring before it can be determined whether the environment is no longer […]

Chamber and SAD 17 link a natural fit

John Williams, executive director of the Oxford Hills Chamber of Commerce, loves to use exclamation points in his Chamber Beat column. With the recent news that SAD 17 has joined the Chamber, John can be pardoned for injecting one of the avid grammarian’s favorite features. According to Williams’ column on Page D4 in today’s Advertiser […]

There are lessons to be learned in a Patriots-less Super Bowl

New England Patriots fans, who count among their numbers many Mainers, are understandably down this weekend because their beloved football team is not in the Super Bowl. We share in the anxiety but there is consolation in knowing 30 other NFL teams did not make the marquee game either. If that’s not enough, we all […]