Charters are not needed


To the Editor:

Your editorial “Charter Schools in Maine are like the sharks sizing up the prey” was spot on. The Charter school concept drains money from the local school system.
In these hard economic times, when schools struggle to maintain the programs and activities that many in our communities have come to accept as part of the curriculum, we need to realize what would occur when a charter school or schools are granted state approval.
The dollars for a new public charter school will come from the local taxpayer, not the state. The community taxes, business donations and volunteer work, will be divided and therefore, diverted.
I, for one, am proud of the education that SAD 17 has provided my children and now my grandchildren. Continuous financial support and volunteer effort to work for the common good is what is needed locally and statewide. The local public education system is the backbone of our community success. Our state and community has benefited enormously from the public school system.
Marge Medd