Editorial: New year, new society?


It is the new year and soon it may be a new world for us. A contentious election has resulted in a new president with a new approach. Many support him, many do not. Nevertheless he will be our president for the next four years.

It appears a large number of voters didn’t believe he was a serious threat. Let’s not make that mistake again.

Based on all the pre-election grandiloquence, we could be facing a very different society in this country. Whether or not Trump himself believes and will follow his incendiary pronouncements, a great many of his followers fervently believe in the divisive things he advocated.

What’s done is done. We need to learn from our denial and start paying diligent attention to the world around us. Our personal world. We need to hear how we are treating others and be ready to stand up for each other.

We need to come together and work toward tolerance, fairness and inclusiveness. We need to not wait until something ugly has been said or has happened. We need to preempt.

Otherwise, we are no better.