Norway voters to act on $4.6 million budget

  • NORWAY — Voters will be asked to approve a $4.6 million municipal budget and changes to the Building Code, which would restrict occupation of campers in yards to 30 days, when the annual town meeting gets underway next week.

    The meeting will be held on Monday, June 15, at the Oxford Comprehensive High School Forum at 256 Main St. in South Paris, beginning at 7 p.m.

    The $4.6 million fiscal year 2016 budget is $133,651 more than this year, and includes $225,000, or $25,000 more than this year, for road improvements, and a $10,000 increase in the bridge repair budget.

    For the most part, the Board of Selectmen and Budget Committee, which met with department heads individually for more than a month this spring, agree upon the requested amounts.

    Voters will be asked to approve $707,348 for the Police Department and $266,288 for the Fire Department.

    The Budget Committee and Board of Selectmen have a $5,000 disagreement on equipment proposed for Highway and Public Works. The Budget Committee recommends $931,459 while selectmen recommend $936,459.

    Other major requests include $262,000 for the Norway/Paris Solid Waste Inc.

    The Selectmen and Budget Committee are recommending an overall budget of $123,500 for the Parks and Recreation Department. A total of $4,000 for snowmobile trail maintenance will come from snowmobile registrations; $7,000 from boat excise taxes for the boat landing, Pennesseewassee Park or maintenance of the dam; $1,500 from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for picnic area maintenance; $6,270 from program registrations, $64,900 from the Sanborn Trust and $39,830 from property taxes.

    Voters will also be asked to raise and appropriate capital budget items including $70,000 for in-town street improvements; $200,000 for other road improvements and $115,000 for the truck and plow gear replacement.

    The capital budget requests also includes money for future new buildings, including $15,000 for the future expansion of the Police Station; $25,000 for a land survey of the town garage and reserve for the future construction of a town garage building and $20,000 for the eventual construction of a fire substation. A study is being conducted to identify the operating costs and benefits of a substation in the north end of town.

    In addition to the changes in the Building Code, Code Enforcement Officer Joelle Corey-Whitman will present changes to the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance for voter approval.

    The Shoreland Ordinance changes are intended to make the stream protection district consistent in both map and text, she said.

    Changes in the Building Code will, in part, restrict living in campers outside of a recreational trailer park to 30 days on private property. Others, such as campers who pull off the road for an event, for example, will be restricted to 60 hours.

    More information on the Building Code changes are available on the town of Norway website at….

    Proposed changes to the town’s Shoreland Zoning Ordinance are also available on the town’s website at:….

    Voters can also see the entire warrant by visiting


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