Fishing festival hopes to hook children


NORWAY — It’s early Saturday afternoon and Ciara Rice is dropping her fishing line into Little Pennesseewassee Stream. Her mom thought the fishing festival was today, she says, but was a week off. It hardly matters—she and her father Randy are doing a little fishing anyhow. Almost as quickly as her line drops below the water’s surface, Ciara gets a bite. Randy helps her pull her catch up over the rail of the bridge. She and her father hold up the fish—Ciara is now even more excited about the upcoming festival.

Norway’s first fishing festival kicks off this Saturday at 8 a.m. at Butters Park, which is at the intersection of Main Street and Water Street. Event coordinators expect that it will not only be fun, but enlightening.

“It’s not a derby or a competition,” Debra Partridge, director of the Norway Recreational Department, says. “It’s educational.”

The event, originally held in Bethel, moved to Norway after the nearby town could no longer hold it…


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