More guns not the answer


Guns in schools.

Arming teachers.

Has there been a worse idea? Possibly but perhaps not one that affects so many.

Is this what teachers and administrators want? We doubt it.

Is this what parents want? We doubt it.

Is this what students want? We doubt it.

Is this a solution? We doubt it.

In fact, this might cause even more tragedy.

Why? Because shooting someone isn’t all that easy.

First there’s the “can you do it … can you actually take a human life?” Most might say “yes” if it meant saving a child.

Then there’s the actual act of shooting and hitting the target. Not so easy.

So let’s say you work at a school and you might even be familiar with or own a gun. You go and get trained. You qualify.

Then what?

Law enforcement personnel have been trained to use firearms. In fact they re-qualify on a regular basis, practice and so forth.

Yet in a stressful situation, with a stationary target, they still miss.

(The stressful situation is only a timed competition where they have to shoot, field load and shoot.)

And yet they miss.

It is not a situation where there is an automatic weapon spraying bullets and children being hit. The stress/adrenaline from such a situation is probably much worse. Especially since if there’s a miss now, children could be hit.

Oh wait, we forgot. First the teacher would have to run to where the weapon of defense is locked away, presumably separate from the ammunition, get both, load, run back and, but wait,  who exactly is staying with the children while this is happening?

And who might they be shooting? It might well be a former student. A young person not far from childhood.

And when law enforcement gets there, they will do what they are trained to do: See someone with a firearm and stop the threat. They make a split second decision, they do not know every teacher. Do the math.

Instead of arming teachers, instead of adding more law enforcement to schools, let’s give our schools the staff, equipment and ability to help students, especially the disenfranchised. In fact, there’s a long list that every teacher could recite by heart of much better things to arm them with.

It is sad enough that some children already go through metal detectors into fortresses called schools.

Let’s not have their teachers start shooting too.