• Excerpt from “Forever Young”

    The sound of the engine brings my memories flooding back and they hit almost as hard as the truck did. My car, my shortcut, my driving, her death, my fault. The car door suddenly slams shut and the sound of it snaps me out of my nightmare, as I escape back into reality I feel a single tear on my cheek. I decide that it was just the wind that shut the door and I quickly buckle my seatbelt and the sound sends a shiver down my spine, “If only I noticed the sound of Amber unbuckling, if only I had known her fate.”

    OHMS 2017 Scholastic Writing Awards Winners

    Silver Key Award (Stand-out works submitted to local programs that demonstrate exceptional ability.)

    Chloe Hodgdon

    Honorable Mention (Accomplished works submitted to local programs showing great skill and potential.)

    Kobe Dodge

    Colin Edwards

    Cyrus Hooker

    Ty LeBlond

    Thomasina Lester

    Lexi Mack

    Daniel Paine

    River Thurston