Peek into this week – March 6, 2014


The joy of living in a small, tightly-knit community is the support and nurture it generates when people rally together: this week, Oxford Hills banded together.

We met a tavern owner who’s raising a pint glass to raise money for a family coping with the stress and cost of raising a disabled child.

The Vikings girls’ basketball team met defeat in the state finals on Saturday and, albeit disappointed, the team said the loss was soothed by the outpouring of businesses and well-wishers cheering them along the way.

Getting over a loss requires looking at the bigger picture: what a better time than March Student Art Month? Check out the latest and greatest artwork from the districts’ students.

SAD 17’s report card is in, and the results aren’t completely flattering: For the second year in a row, it looks as though student testing scores grades 3-8 are below federally-mandated levels. The district, however, says it has a plan to bring grades and schools up to scratch by 2018.

Some say kids will be kids, and local health officials are hoping that will be half true: Healthy Oxford Hills is hoping kids will send texts to stop underage drinking. They’re promoting a tip-texting service which would allow would-be whistle-blowers to anonymously alert police of a party.

Buckfield is is almost done with its search for a new manager after hiring long-time employee Cindy Dunn. Though Dunn isn’t quite done with contract negotiations, Buckfield is likely done with the Town Clerk position, whose duties could merge with those of the manager.

An avid hunter and mainstay fixture of downtown Norway sheds his camouflage to come out from behind the scenes in Real People, we ask you whether sexual orientation matters on a high school sports and – athletes abounded this week – NFL players take a moment to tell high school students how to set life goals.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back Sunday; we wouldn’t you to miss all this and more in this week’s edition of the Advertiser Democrat.