Sumner will tackle rough roads


SUMNER— The selectboard acknowledged a letter of complaint at their Feb. 25 meeting, from an individual complaining about two roads in town that are in bad shape.

The two roads cited, Redding road and Black Mountain Road, have been in rough condition with large ice pot holes.

Although Black Mountain Road has improved, according to Selectwoman Mary Ann Haxton, there are still parts of both roads that need work. One end of Black Mountain Road was cited as being one of the worst sections of road in town with all of the holes and ice.

‘If you travel [Black Mountain Road] only once, you’ll know that there are holes,’ said Haxton.

Ice pot holes, ruts and the build up of ice from this winter have made the roads worst. The lack of sun exposure on different parts of the roads halt the melting of ice in the shaded sections.

Road Commissioner James Keech added that some spots on Gammon Road are also in bad shape.

‘There’s a couple places in the shade that are really icy,’ said Keech.

Selectman Walter Litchfield said that he hopes to have the Lucas Brothers, a road company that Sumner does business with, will get out to the worst sections of the roads and lay down a heavy concentration of salt to try to eat away at the thick ice.

Haxton said that the salt will probably have to be laid down several days in a row, just to keep the ice from refreezing if it melts.

‘We need to caution people to pay attention to safe driving,’ said Haxton. ‘Until we get a handle on this.’

Haxton suggested that a notice be posted on the Sumner town website, reminding drivers to take care on the roads and keep an eye out for potholes and other rough road conditions.