Forum on the Hebron oil spill scheduled for tonight

HEBRON— Hebron parents will have another opportunity to discuss concerns surrounding December’s oil spill at Hebron Station School in a second forum scheduled for Jan. 30 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. at the elementary school on 884 Station Road. At the meeting members of the public will receive updated information from DEP and school regarding […]

DEP: Hebron oil is in the wetlands; will collect in the spring

LOCATED— DEP officials say much of the 1,700 gallons of oil that leaked into the ground beneath Hebron Station School last month has moved to nearby wetlands. Private contractors Environmental Projects, Inc., shown here, have been swapping out absorbent pads daily in an effort to soak up the oil.

UPDATED 1/30 By: Christopher Crosby HEBRON— The majority of the oil spilled in last month’s accident at the Hebron Station School has been found in nearby wetlands, a DEP spokesperson said last Wednesday. Jessamine Logan said the DEP now believes most of the 1,700 gallons oil unaccounted for in cleanup efforts has moved from beneath […]

Commemorative T-shirts for Hebron students


AGAPE— Students at the Hebron Station School collectively murmur as SAD 17 school officials unveil shirts commemorating students’ week-long relocation to classes at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School after an oil spill closed the school down. The free shirts read “I survived high school 2014″ and will be given to each of the school’s […]

Hebron oil spill cleanup status “changing daily”

Crews work to collect oil believed to be in the ground below Hebron Station School

ABOVE, BELOW— Even as students return to classes, in a concrete bunker below Hebron Station School’s gymnasium, Maine DEP officials work with subcontractors to pump oil residing beneath the school’s foundation. Crushed rock is being poured into testing holes bored to look for the oil, which Hazardous Materials Responder Sheryl Bernard says has been difficult […]