The stench of hindsight


All of a sudden, Norway is scrambling. Three applications for medical marijuana facilities have hit its Planning Board. Medical marijuana grow facilities are legal and have been for a while. Norway could have anticipated this.

When, a year ago, recreational marijuana use and growing became legal in the state, Norway should have had the foresight to anticipate that the clever business move would be to get approval for an already legal medical grow facility then, after the Legislature finalized the new law, flip it to recreational … more profit there.

But, as often happens with such prickly issues as zoning and other such regulations, Norway is joining the ranks of not wanting to grab the tiger by the tail leaving it to run fruitlessly trying to catch up.

Comprehensive zoning in Norway should have happened years ago.

When medical marijuana became legal, Norway could have had the wisdom to decide to limit commercial facilities. Oxford did.

So now, Norway’s downtown area, which has blossomed over the past decade due in no small part to the partnership of the town and Norway Downtown, could have three marijuana grow facilities among its shops and residences. In its historic district.

Soon, Norway will blossom with the odor of growing marijuana.

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