Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month fight for your love


Valentine’s Day has passed. For some, it’s a relief. For the singles in the world, it’s a day to be reminded of the lack of a significant other, during which many of those singles buy themselves roses, chocolates, or both. Then maybe they’ll spend the evening wearing the biggest and coziest pair of sweat pants they can find, wrapped in a blanket, and cuddling with their cat.

We don’t judge.

For couples it’s the one day of the year where showing your affection is a social must; And if you don’t, well… we wouldn’t want to be in your shoes when you come home empty handed and your wife or girlfriend is about to throw a glass plate across the room at you.

Now back to the singles in the world. How about instead of reflecting on your loneliness, you reflect on the fact that while one day in February is getting all this superficial attention, all of the other days of American Heart Month are being ignored.

Yes, February is American Heart month. See how the most important day to candy and flower companies completely demolishes the importance of a month that is dedicated to recognizing heart disease? It’s kind of ironic, and also heartbreaking.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that American Heart Month is a time to ‘show yourself the love’ and ‘learn about your risks for heart disease and stroke and stay ‘heart healthy’ for yourself and your loved ones.’

We’d say that Center for Disease Control and Prevention has Valentine’s Day beat in the relevance category.

When one day to give flowers and candy outshines an entire month of reflecting the effects of heart disease, there is something wrong with society. We’ve become so indulged in a day that forces couples to show love by spending money, that we can’t see past the lining of our wallets.