Voters will be asked to sell some West Paris trees


By Ann Wood

WEST PARIS—Voters will be asked whether the town will be allowed to take bids from lumber companies to chop down some trees in the 130-acre town forest, the proceeds of which would be held in the wood lot revenue account which will be later appropriated at Annual Town Meeting. The Special Town Meeting that asks this sole question will be held at 6:30 p.m. tonight, Thursday, Oct. 9, at the town offices on 25 Kingsbury St., West Paris.

If approved, Town Manager John White said by email that bids for the mixed hard and soft wood would go out this fall. The last time trees were cut to benefit the town was in 1995 by The Poland Corporation out of West Paris. Though White isn’t sure how much money the town raised from that, he said that some of the funds were used to build the town office.

White said that a forester was out in the town forest earlier this week to determine how much wood could be taken. He was not sure the amount by the Advertiser’s deadline, but said he would have a proposal available by tonight’s meeting.

“It’s not going to be a clear cut. The things that need to be harvested will be harvested out,” he said by phone on Monday.

The trees that are removed will be replanted, White said, by Mother Nature.