West Paris man accused of shooting neighbor’s dog

WEST PARIS — A local man is charged with cruelty to animals for fatally shooting his neighbor’s dog that came onto his property, town Animal Control Officer Ozzy Hart said.

Steve McCann, 45, of 31 Smith St. was given a summons to appear in a Paris court on June 12, Hart said. If convicted, McCann could face a $500 to $2,500 fine, Hart said…

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  1. Claire Force says

    My heart is broken for this family, especially their 2 yr old son, who misses his best friend :( This story is devastating to me! My Sadie could be this dog’s twin, and it scares me that so many ignorant people, are running around with guns…. he “thought” it was a Pitbull????? OMG! Pitbulls are the sweetest dogs on the planet! I’m a 62 yr old woman, and have had many dogs in my lifetime… My 1st Pitbull mix was back in 1978! I have rescued horribly abused Pitbulls, dogs that should hate humans, because of the abuse they endured….. But every 1 of them, were so loving and so goofy, they would make me smile every day…. If you have ever seen a Pitbull smile, it fills your heart…. and MOST of them do smile! :)

  2. Bob says

    Hey Christopher Crosby ..Way to NOT report the news as it was originally told to you. You left out ALOT of details to sensationalize the events as honestly and straight forward told to you, Youre only interest is NOT to report the unbiased truth, but in your own words “To scoop the Sun Journal”
    Those words of shooting the dog because it looked like a pitbull, NEVER came from Steve McCanns mouth. You got those words from 3rd party hearsay and embedded it into the story just to create further public outrage.
    I dont see this as responsible journalism. Neither is publishing a persons name, age and physical address. What do you have to gain by doing that? It appears to me that it is done to create a mob mentality..amongst the community.
    IF a person is guilty of something, we have a the legal system, its not up to YOU to decide someones guilty or provide information so the the community takes matters into their own hands.
    Maybe you journalists do it in hopes to gain more news stories, hoping someone takes matters into their own hands..or retaliates against a person.

    And by the way, when you think youre being clever by providing the public with someones personal information..Do some fact checking first. The address you provided is not his, you provided someone elses address for mass publication, to later be picked up by other news media who ALSO named the wrong address.

    I guess thats what happens when the media isnt concerned about getting facts straight..They copy & paste other peoples stories without checking facts. Because we all know, if its on the Internet., its true, right?
    If youre going to run a story, try telling an unbiased story with ALL the facts given, not cutting out the details that lead up to the incident and leaving in YOUR version of how YOU think the story should be told. Tell it like it happened, not how YOU think the incident should be rewritten for more shock value.
    You were given honest, open answers to what happened and you chose to leave it out and manipulate the story to your liking.
    That’s not honest journalism, that’s sensationalism.

    It was an unfortunate event that occurred, that much I agree on, Bit there’s more to this than what you told.